Coronavirus Vaccination

Coronavirus Vaccinaton (CVV) Information

  1. Information regarding the vaccine and its effectiveness and other issues specific to rheumatic diseases and treatments is evolving and the notes below are based on limited current information available.  We will update this information as we receive additional guidance.
  2. For patients on immunosuppressive treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or other autoimmune diseases, there is insufficient data to determine whether being on this type of treatment at the time the vaccination is received will cause the vaccine to be less effective than in people not taking immunosuppressive medications.  
  3. CVV may occassionally cause short term worsening of an underlying autoimmune condition.  
  4. At this time, with very few exceptions, we recommend that all of our patients receive the coronavirus vaccination when it is available to them.  
  5. Patients receiving treatment with rituximab should not receive the coronavirus vaccination for several months following a rituximab treatment, as it is unlikely that the vaccination will be effective in that setting.  Patients receiving prednisone in doses over 7 mg./day, should contact us prior to receiving the vaccination.
  6. The Amerian College of Rheumatology has issued general guidelines regarding adjustment of the timing of interuption/continuation of medications around the time that CVV is administered.  Please call us before you receive the vaccine for details.