Our Team

In order to provide you with quality care that you can count on we have put together a team of caring, intelligent and compassionate people ready to help you.

Clinical Personnel:

Casey is Dr. Sayers Medical Assistant  and is your primary telephone contact for clinical issues.   She can help you with medical problems, medication issues and general questions about your condition and treatment.  Casey and Dr. Sayers confer throughout the day to formulate responses to your questions.  Her extension is 219.

Sandy is our infusion nurse.  She is a Registered Nurse with ICU experience as well as many years of experience in administering intravenous medications.  Sandy oversees our medication infusion program.

Our Front Office Team:

Cecile has been with the practice since 2000.  She is involved with most of  our front office operations and is our Infusion Services Coordinator.  For patients receiving infusion services, she will obtain preauthorizations, calculate benefits based on information received from your insurance carrier and assist you in receiving any manufacturer discounts or rebate that you are eligible for.  She has managerial level expertise in dealing with scheduling, administrative and insurance issues related to your visits with us. 

Jourdann is our accounts, receivable specialist and benefits specialist for patients receiving infusion services.  She has years of experience helping patients navigate the complexities of insurance authorizations, benefits,  payments and appeals.  She files claims, applies insurance payments to your account, interacts with your insurance carrier, verifies benefits and prepares statements.  She is your primary contact person if you have questions regarding your account or insurance benefits.  She is an expert at dealing with insurance benefits questions and problems. 

Julie is our office manager.  She works on special projects related to insurance contracts and global insurance systems issues as well as internal financial management within the practice.  Julie has been working with Dr. Sayers for over 20 years and is familiar with all aspects of the practice.  She is your contact person if your needs are not being met in our practice or if you have specific issues related to any of our office personnel or office policies that need addressing at a managerial level.   

Maryann has been with the practice since its founding in 1987.  She primarily works with HR issues.

Kelsey is here to assist you with scheduling and is usually the first person to assist you when you arrive and with help with check out at the end of your appointment.