We offer telemedicine visits under certain circumstances when there are advantages to patient safety or convenience and where a traditional physical exam is not required to provide optimal care.  There are obviously situations where a physical exam or in-office procedure is required.  Even in situations where telemedicine visits are appropriate, our office policy does require periodic in-office visits, at least annually.  As the pandemic became less emergent, some private insurance carriers have stopped covering telemedicine visits in most situations, or cover them with token reimbursement levels that make TM unaffordable for patient or physician, or both.

By signing in to a telemedicine visit you are giving your consent to the visit being conducted in this format and acknowledge that you understand there are certain limitations (lack of ability to conduct a traditional physical exam) and certain risks (such as interruption or technical difficulties completing the visit, security breach) that are inherent when conducting a visit via remote access.

Below you will find directions for your telemedicine visit.

Greetings! Here are the steps to start your telemedicine visit with Dr. Sayers.

Step 1: Click on the link

Step 2: It will take you to a Welcome page, type your name, then click the “check in” box just below it.

Step 3: Click on Enable camera and Microphone

Step 4: The page will say “Welcome.  I will start the video visit in a moment.”

At the bottom of this page is a “pre-call test” button.  We advise that you click this to test out your camera and microphone prior to your visit.  To the right of that is also a video you can assess to view a demonstration.

If Microphone and Camera are blocked go to your settings to enable microphone and camera. Once done exit out of everything and start the process again.

If you have any problems, call 512-454-3631 and ask for Rachel.  She will be happy to assist you!